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Sources for Foreign Relations, 1977–1980, Volume XXVIII

In preparing this volume, the editors made extensive use of Presidential papers and other White House records at the Carter Library. The bulk of the foreign policy records at the Carter Library are in the Staff Files for National Security Affairs, Brzezinski Material. Within this collection, the North/South Staff Files (particularly Robert Pastor’s), Country Files, and Subject Files proved to be of most value. The Institutional Files contained the records of many important meetings documented in this volume.

The records of the Department of State were another important source. The Department’s central files contain cable traffic concerning the affairs of many of the Eastern Caribbean mini-states, which were too small to receive discussion at the Presidential level. Important documents were also found in the Department’s lot files, particularly within the records of Cyrus Vance.

Research for this volume also involved examining records from the Department of Defense, the Central Intelligence Agency, and, in one case, the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Many of these collections are in the process of being transferred to the National Archives in College Park, MD.

Researchers should also consult the memoirs of Wayne Smith, David Newsom’s account of the Soviet Brigade, and writings of Robert Pastor, for an overview of Caribbean and Latin American policy during the late 1970s.

Almost all of this documentation has been made available for use in the Foreign Relations series thanks to the consent of the agencies mentioned, the assistance of their staffs, and especially the cooperation and support of the National Archives and Records Administration. In addition to the paper files cited below, a growing number of documents are available on the Internet. The Office of the Historian maintains a list of these Internet resources on its website and encourages readers to consult that site on a regular basis.

Unpublished Sources

  • Department of State
    • Central Foreign Policy File. These files have been transferred or will be transferred to the National Archives and Records Administration in College Park, Maryland.
    • D–reels
    • P–reels
    • Lot Files. These files have been transferred or will be transferred to the National Archives and Records Administration in College Park, Maryland.
    • 81D5
      • Records of Philip C. Habib, 1976–1978
    • 81D64
      • Assistant Secretary’s Files—Nicaragua
    • 81D85, Entry 75, UD–05D
      • Records of Matthew Nimetz
    • 81D110
      • [S/MEX Files]
    • 82D85
      • Official Files of [P] David D. Newsom, Under Secretary for Political Affairs
    • 82D298
      • Anthony Lake Working Papers
    • 84D241
      • Secretary of State Cyrus Vance Files
    • INR/IL Files
      • Historical files of the Office of Intelligence Liaison of the Bureau of Intelligence and Research under the custody of the Department of State, 1970s–1980s.
  • National Archives and Records Administration, College Park, Maryland
    • Record Group 59, Records of the Department of State
      • Christopher Lot File, Entry P–14
      • Muskie Lot File, Entry P–10
  • Jimmy Carter Presidential Library, Atlanta, Georgia
    • Agency Files
    • Brzezinski Donated Material
    • Brzezinski Office File
    • Country Files
    • Deputy Files
    • Freedom of Information/Legal Files
    • General Odom File
    • Inderfurth/Gates Chron
    • Institutional Files
    • Name Files
    • North/South
    • Office Files
    • President’s Files, Plains Files
    • President’s Files, Presidential Handwriting Files
    • President’s Daily Report
    • President’s Daily CIA Brief
    • President’s Correspondence With Foreign Leaders
    • Staff Evening Reports
    • Staff Secretary Files
    • Subject Files
    • Trip Files
    • VIP Visit Files
    • Walter Mondale Papers
  • Central Intelligence Agency
    • Office of Congressional Affairs
      • Job 97M00733R: Policy Files
    • Office of the Director of Central Intelligence
      • Job 81B00401R: Subject Files of the Presidential Briefing Coordinator for DCI (1977–1981)
      • Job 81B00112R: Subject Files
      • Job 81M00919R: Excutive Registry Subject Files (1976–1979)
      • Job 82M00501R: 1980 Subject Files
    • Office of Support Services (DI)
      • Job 81T00031R: Production Case Files
      • Job 97S00360R: Intelligence Document Collection (1977–1981)
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation
    • Case Classification 89: Assaulting or Killing a Federal Officer
    • Case File 4286, Section 2
  • National Security Council
    • Intelligence Files
  • Washington National Records Center
    • Record Group 330, Records of the Office of the Secretary of Defense
      • OASD/ISA Files: FRC 330–80–0024
        • Foreign Military Rights Affairs, 1969–78
      • OSD Files: FRC 330–81–0202
        • 1978 Records of the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the Deputy Secretary of Defense, and the Special Assistants to both.
      • OUSD Files: FRC 330–81–0447
        • ASD/ISA—PSASD/ISA Files 1970–1980
      • OSD Files: FRC 330–82–0205
        • 1979 Records of the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the Deputy Secretary of Defense, and the Special Assistants to both.

Published Sources

  • Brzezinski, Zbigniew. Power and Principle, Memoirs of the National Security Advisor, 1977–1981. New York: Farrar, Straus, Giroux, 1983.
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