166. Letter From President Carter to Thai Prime Minister Kriangsak1

Dear Mr. Prime Minister:

I am delighted that Vice President Mondale is visiting Thailand and several of its neighbors. The Vice President speaks authoritatively for me, and I want you to know that I attach the utmost importance to his trip. It affirms the continuity of our interest in Southeast Asia.

In his discussions with you, the Vice President will be seeking to understand the concerns, goals, and policies of your Government. He will, in turn, present to you our own thoughts on how the United States can best contribute to the peace and vitality of the region. I look forward to hearing from him your views on interests of mutual concern.

I look forward to meeting you personally, and would like to extend to you an invitation for a visit to Washington in 1979.


Jimmy Carter
  1. Source: Carter Library, Donated Historical Material, Overseas Assignments—Trip Files, 1977–80, Mondale Papers, Box 21, Vice President’s Visit to the Pacific, 4/29/78–5/11/78: Thailand (5/4/78–5/5/78)—President’s Letter to PM Kriangsak. No classification marking.