159. Letter From President Carter to King Hassan II of Morocco1

Your Majesty:

Thank you for the message brought to Washington by Foreign Minister Boucetta.2 I regret my schedule did not permit a personal [Page 382] meeting, but the Vice President and Secretary Vance have informed me of their discussions with the Minister.3

Secretary Vance had the opportunity for a thorough exchange of views with Foreign Minister Boucetta on a variety of issues of common concern. We welcomed this occasion to consult closely and to obtain from the Foreign Minister directly your Government’s views on these important matters.

As you know, our exchanges here included a full discussion of the specific issue of my Government’s public statements regarding the Sahara. I trust Your Majesty now appreciates the circumstances under which such statements were made and understands that, in all our public statements concerning Morocco, we seek to emphasize the excellent character of bilateral relations, appreciation for the cooperation Morocco traditionally has extended the United States, and the great admiration in this country for the courage with which you and your advisers have defined Morocco’s international orientation.

I have been informed of your suggestion for discussions here in Washington next month. Unfortunately, my calendar for May is very crowded, as several state visitors are already scheduled, and there will be a NATO summit in Washington at the end of the month. I suggest, however, that through our foreign ministers we find a time for a meeting which will be mutually convenient. I look forward to the chance to exchange views with you.

In the meantime, you have my very best personal wishes and you can be assured of the lasting bonds of friendship that bind our two countries.

Respectfully yours,

Jimmy Carter
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  2. See footnote 2, Document 156.
  3. For a summary of Boucetta’s meeting with Mondale, see Document 156. For a summary of Vance’s meetings with Boucetta on the Western Sahara, see Documents 223 and 224.