298. Memorandum for the Record by the Deputy Director of Central Intelligence (Carlucci)1


  • Conversation with Dr. Brzezinski, 17 June 1980

I covered the following items:

[Omitted here is material unrelated to Iran.]

6) I told him the military was creating an inordinate drain on our resources in pressing for our participation in the development of another hostage rescue operation. For example, they were pressing us to buy trucks [less than 1 line not declassified]. They were claiming to have Presidential support on this.

Brzezinski said that if we did do another operation we needed to do it right. I said I could agree with that but I had difficulty in working toward an operation which is unlikely to take place in the present context. [1½ lines not declassified] He acknowledged that we should have a plan in hand before Defense asks us to go off and buy trucks. Hence, he intends to convene a meeting shortly after his return to hear from Defense and us exactly what that plan may be. I think this will give us reason to hold Defense off for a bit. ([name not declassified] should be in touch with Brzezinski’s office on the meeting. [less than 1 line not declassified] we have been instructed to have a joint planning session with Brzezinski before we make any commitments [less than 1 line not declassified].)

Frank C. Carlucci
  1. Source: Central Intelligence Agency, Office of the Director of Central Intelligence, Job 81B0012R: Subject Files, Box 15, Folder 43: DCI/DDCI Memrecs/Memos/Agendas of Brzezinski/Aaron Meetings January–December 1980. Secret.