184. Telegram From the Department of State to the Embassy in Israel1

46434. For Charge from Secretary. Subject: Message for Prime Minister Begin.

(S-entire text)

1. Please deliver following message to P.M. Begin from President Carter.2

2. Start text:

Dear Mr. Prime Minister:

I know Foreign Minister Dayan will be reporting to you fully on the talks at Camp David over the past few days, but I want you to have this formal invitation to join me there later this week to continue the negotiations.

I have concluded that we must move the negotiations to a higher level in order to conclude a treaty now. I am mindful of the ever-increasing need for stability in the area in light of current developments. I understand that President Sadat has given Prime Minister Khalil full authority to conclude a peace treaty on behalf of Egypt.

As Secretary Vance and I have both told Foreign Minister Dayan, I believe a peace treaty between Egypt and Israel is within reach, but I also believe that it will be difficult to develop a new opportunity for peace if we do not conclude a treaty in the near future.

I hope I may look forward to seeing you later this week. Your visit would come at an appropriate moment for us to discuss important elements in the relationship between the United States and Israel as we look to peace between Egypt and Israel.

Sincerely, Jimmy Carter.

End text.

3. Viets from Saunders: Please tell PAO3 this was drafted after I talked with him.

  1. Source: Carter Library, National Security Affairs, Brzezinski Material, Cables File, State Department Out, Box 115, 2/14–28/79. Secret; Sensitive; Immediate; Exdis Distribute as Nodis. Sent for information Immediate to the White House. Printed from a copy that indicates the original was received in the White House Situation Room. Drafted by Saunders; cleared by Brzezinski and Stanislaus R.P. Valerga (S/S–O); approved by Vance. (National Archives, RG 59, Central Foreign Policy File, P850061–2295)
  2. No telegram confirming delivery of Carter’s letter to Begin has been found. For Begin’s reply, see Document 185.
  3. The PAO at the Embassy in Israel was David I. Hitchcock.