197. Memorandum From the President’s Assistant for National Security Affairs (Kissinger) to President Nixon1


  • U.S. Policy Toward Spain

The 1970 U.S.-Spanish Agreement of Friendship and Cooperation, which includes provisions for U.S. use of Spanish military facilities, is due to expire in 1975. The Spaniards have indicated that they would like to begin talks on extension or renegotiation of the agreement in Madrid in April 1974.

In response to NSSM 179 in mid 1973, the Departments of State and Defense and CIA submitted a study on U.S. Policy Toward Spain reviewing the Spanish political scene and the importance of Spain’s military facilities to U.S. forces. In preparation for the U.S.-Spanish negotiations, it would be useful to have this study updated to take into account:

—The death of President Carrero Blanco, the resulting changes in the Spanish Government and the anticipated effect of these changes on Spain’s position in the negotiations;

—Spain’s policy toward use of its facilities by U.S. forces during the October 1973 war in the Middle East and the implications of this policy for the future usefulness of the facilities.

Additionally, it would be helpful to have an interdepartmental look at all recommended elements of the U.S. position for the negotiations—bearing in mind that the agreement includes several fields of bilateral cooperation.

With your approval, I will sign the NSSM at Tab A requesting that a supplementary response to NSSM 179 be submitted no later than March 15 for your consideration.

  1. Summary: Kissinger suggested the need for a re-examination of U.S. policy toward Spain.

    Source: National Archives, Nixon Presidential Materials, NSC Files, NSC Institutional Files (H-Files), Box H–202, Study Memorandums, 1969–1974, NSSM–193. Secret. Sent for action. Attached but not published is Tab A, an undated and unsigned draft NSSM. Kissinger did not initial the memorandum to Nixon. A handwritten notation on the approval line at the bottom of the memorandum reads, “HAK approved for.” The NSSM approved by Kissinger, NSSM 193, is dated February 14 and entitled, “U.S. Policy Toward Spain.” NSSM 193 supplemented NSSM 179, dated April 9, 1973, which was also entitled, “U.S, Policy Toward Spain.” (Ibid., Box H–199, Study Memorandums, 1969–1974, NSSM–179)