204. Memorandum From Peter Rodman of the National Security Council Staff to Secretary of State Kissinger, Washington, July 25, 1975.1 2


July 25, 1975


SUBJECT: Miki’s Proposal for New Type of Communiqué

Mr. Kazushige Hirasawa is an independent Japanese political columnist for the Japan Times and a commentator on NHK-TV, and has been a political adviser to Prime Minister Miki for 30 years. He contacted me through Kei Wakaizumi. Since there was not time for a meeting with you, he called me from New York to pass on to you the following proposal from Miki.

Miki was impressed by your reference in your Japan speech to Japan as a “permanent friend.” Therefore he feels Japan should be considered, like the UK, as having a special relationship. With the UK and our other allies we never (or rarely) have these detailed, formal Joint Communiqués, which are more suggestive of summit meetings with Communist countries, Miki also considers that his talks with the President — since we have no major bilateral problems — should be freer, more personal, more wide-ranging, less bureaucratic, etc. , and the document should reflect this.

Miki therefore suggests that the final document should be briefer, warmer, and more philosophical. It could be deeper and broader and deal with such topics as post-Vietnam Asia, the crisis of liberal democracy, the new economic order, food, etc. In other words, not an elaborate document like the Ford-Tanaka Communiqué last November in Tokyo.

Miki raises this idea through this private channel first because he “doesn’t trust the bureaucracy.” If you give a green light, he will broach it with his Foreign Minister and have them propose it to us in the normal way.

If this idea is acceptable to you, I will inform Kei Wakaizumi, and I will also forewarn Habib that this initiative will be forthcoming from the Japanese. (Miki does not want his Foreign Office to be aware of this private communication with you.)

Approve [HK initialed]

  1. Source: Ford Library, National Security Advisor, Presidential Briefing Material for VIP Visits, Box 12, 8/8–9/75, Japan, Prime Minister Miki [4]. Secret; Nodis. Sent for action. Kissinger initialed his approval on July 31, 1975.
  2. Rodman informed Kissinger of a Japanese proposal for a new type of communiqué.