191. Memorandum of Conversation, Washington, June 27, 1974, 1520–1530.1 2


In reply refer to: 1-5940/74


SUBJECT: Ambassador Hodgson's Courtesy Call with the Secretary of Defense


  • State Department
  • Ambassador to Japan - James D. Hodgson
  • Japan Desk Officer - William Piez
  • Defense Department
  • Secretary of Defense - James R. Schlesinger
  • Assistant Secretary of Defense (ISA) - Robert Ellsworth
  • Assistant for Japan (ISA/EAPR) - LTC W.R. Barrett, USAF

Time: 1520-1530, 27 June 1974
Place: Secretary Schlesinger's Office, Pentagon

I. (U) General Discussion

After opening courtesies, Ambassador Hodgson indicated that he and Mr. Ellsworth had covered several issues concerning Japan earlier (see below), and asked if Mr. Schlesinger had any further items to discuss. SecDef commented that our relations with Japan were cordial at present, but that there were relatively minor on-going issues such as homeporting and funding of U.S. consolidation in Japan. Due to other commitments, the meeting was brief, and was concluded with Ambassador Hodgson inviting Mr. Schlesinger to visit Japan at the earliest opportunity.

2. (C) Discussion between Ambassador Hodgson and Mr. Ellsworth

Prior to meeting SecDef, Ambassador Hodgson and Mr. Ellsworth discussed several current Japan issues. Mr. Ellsworth made the Ambassador aware of major GOJ construction efforts on Okinawa and in the Tokyo area concerning the consolidation of U.S. forces, and of the potential for slippage in the construction timetable. As U.S. forces budget reductions are geared to the timetable, pressure should be maintained on the GOJ to adhere to the schedule. Mr. Ellsworth also discussed the impact of Japan's current [Page 2]economic slowdown on the Japanese military program, and the U.S. interest in having the Japanese continue with gradual improvement of her military forces. Mr. Ellsworth then reiterated the U.S. interest in having Japan ratify the NPT, and concluded the discussion with the comment that recent problems relative to visits to Japan of U.S. nuclear-powered warships had been resolved, although the subject may surface again.

Memorandum of Conversation
Prepared by: LTC Barrett

Approved by: [signed] Robert Ellsworth
Date: 5 July 74

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DepSecDef (1)
OSD (CCS) (1)
ASD (ISA) (1)
State Dept (EA/J) (1)
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  1. Source: Washington National Records Center, OASD/ISA Files: FRC 330–77–0054, Japan, 333, July 5, 1974. Confidential. Prepared by Barrett and approved by Ellsworth. The conversation took place in Schlesinger’s office. Schlesinger’s talking points, dated June 26, are ibid.
  2. Hodgson and Ellsworth discussed military issues involving the United States and Japan. Schlesinger joined the meeting for the last ten minutes.