113. Telegram 84513 From the Department of State to All Diplomatic and Consular Posts1

84513. Inform Consuls. Subject: US Policy on Recognition of Saharan Democratic Arab Republic.

1. USG does not repeat not intend to recognize newly declared Saharan Democratic Arab Republic (SDAR). SDAR does not control any territory, has not demonstrated capacity for government, not received wide international acceptance, even among established states of similar outlook.

2. Posts are not repeat not being requested to take initiative to urge host governments not to recognize SDAR but may respond along above lines on an if-asked basis.

  1. Summary: The Department informed all posts that the U.S. Government would not recognize the Saharan Democratic Arab Republic (SDAR).

    Source: Ford Library, National Security Adviser, NSC Middle East and South Asian Affairs Staff Files, Box 22, Spanish Sahara (2). Limited Official Use. Drafted by Escudero; cleared by B. Keith Huffman, Jr. in L/NEA, Director of NSC Interdepartmental Group Raymond C. Ewing, Gleysteen in ARA/CCA, Cumming in EA, and Ford in AF; and approved by Atherton. Polisario declared the creation of the Saharan Arab Democratic Republic on February 28.