185. Telegram 5628 From the Consulate General in Dacca to the Department of State 1 2

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  • Possible Cease-fire in East


  • Dacca 5627
Governor Malik has just telephoned to say that General Niazi has stated that negotiations are taking place in Islamabad between central government and Ambassador Farland and that there is no need for me to convey any proposals.
Comment: From foregoing, there still appears to be strong difference of opinion betwee Niazi and Farman with Governor oscillating feebly between. Farman obviously desires to initiate some kind of action on basis his appreciation of what he considers desperate local situation. Niazi, whether on instructions from Islamabad or in line with his own romantic view of himself as dedicated soldier, is opposed. In effect, question boils down to whether Pak Army in east is to be sacrificed, together with uncounted thousands of civilians in East Pakistan in order to retain some bargaining position in west.
  1. Source: National Archives, RG 59, Central Files 1970–73, POL 27–14 INDIA–PAK. Secret; Flash; Exdis. Repeated Flash to Islamabad and New Delhi.
  2. Governor Malik informed Consul General Spivack that the question of a cease-fire was being handled through Ambassador Farland in Islamabad and that it would be unnecessary to put forward proposals from Dacca.