340. General Assembly Resolution 2833 (XXVI)1 2

General Assembly Resolution 2833 (XXVI): World Disarmament Conference, December 16, 19711

The General Assembly,

Conscious of the responsibility of the United Nations under the Charter for disarmament and the consolidation of peace,

Convinced that all peoples of the world have a vital interest in the success of disarmament negotiations,

Believing that it is imperative that all States exert further efforts for the adoption of effective measures of disarmament and, more particularly, nuclear disarmament,

Believing also that a world disarmament conference could promote and facilitate the realization of such aims,

Expresses the conviction that it is most desirable to take immediate steps in order that careful consideration be given to the convening, following adequate preparation, of a world disarmament conference open to all States;
Invites all States to communicate to the Secretary-General, before 31 August 1972, their views and suggestions on any relevant questions relating to a world disarmament conference, in particular the following:
Main objectives;
Provisional agenda;
Site favoured;
Date and contemplated duration;
Procedures to be adopted for carrying out the preparatory work;
Relationship to the United Nations;
Requests the Secretary-General to submit to the General Assembly at its twenty-seventh session a report containing the views and suggestions communicated to him;
Decides to include in the provisional agenda of its twenty-seventh session an item entitled “World Disarmament Conference”.
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  2. The text of the Resolution on World Disarmament Conference.
  3. A/RES/2833 (XXVI), Jan. 18, 1972. The resolution was adopted by acclamation.