107. Memorandum From the President’s Assistant for National Security Affairs (Kissinger) to President Nixon1 2


  • Message to the Eighteen Nation Disarmament Committee

Attached is a message from you to the members of the Eighteen Nation Disarmament Committee, shortly to be renamed in light of the recent enlargement. The message will be read by a member of the U.S. delegation (Gerard Smith will not be present) when the Committee reconvenes in Geneva on July 3rd.

Presidential messages at the opening of a Session have become customary. Gerard Smith adds that a letter at this time would be particularly desirable so that the ENDC will not appear to be completely downgraded as a result of SALT.

The principal points in the attached message are as follows:

Seabeds. The message states that, in spite of differences, “it should not prove beyond our ability to find common ground so that a realistic agreement may be achieved that enhances the security of all countries”. Furthermore, it states agreement could be achieved in the course of this Session and that our goal should be to present a sound seabed arms control measure to the 24th General Assembly of the United Nations.
Chemical and Biological Warfare. You welcome the Secretary General’s study on the effects of chemical and biological warfare, and state that the U.S. delegation is prepared to examine carefully, with other delegations, any approaches that offer the prospect of reliable arms control in this field.
SALT. While stating that these will necessarily be bilateral negotiations, the U.S. is deeply conscious of its responsibilities to its allies and to the community of nations.


That you approve the attached message to be read on July 3rd (at Tab A).

Approve [HK initialed for the President]
See me

  1. Source: National Archives, Nixon Presidential Materials, NSC Files, Box 319, Subject Files, Eighteen-Nation Disarmament Conference (ENDC). Confidential; Limdis. Sent for action. Kissinger initialed “Approve” for the President. The attached message is not published.
  2. Kissinger forwarded, for Nixon’s approval, a message from the President to the ENDC to be read at the opening of the summer session.