33. Editorial Note

On August 31, 1970, after the morning meeting on NSSMs 84 and 92 (see Document 32), the Senior Review Group (SRG) met again in the afternoon in San Clemente to discuss NSSM 83 on European security. The meeting focused exclusively on Berlin and West German Ostpolitik; there was no substantive discussion of a European security conference or mutual and balanced force reductions. For the minutes of the meeting, see Foreign Relations, 1969–1976, volume XL, Germany and Berlin, 1969–1972, Document 111.

At the meeting the SRG discussed a paper prepared by the Department of State, “A Longer Term Perspective on Key Issues of European Security,” which dealt mainly with Ostpolitik and Berlin. For excerpts, see ibid., Document 110. The full text of the paper is in National Archives, Nixon Presidential Materials, NSC Institutional Files (H–Files), SRG Meeting Files, Senior Review Group, 8-31-70, European Security.