309. Transcript of Telephone Conversation Between Secretary of State Kissinger and the Soviet Ambassador (Dobrynin)1

D: In connection with this parameter. What he [Gromyko?] is verifying is before taking a final position, he said all of this mentioned about parameters was clear misunderstanding. He said you discussed it with him in Vienna.

K: That is correct. I know there are some of our Western allies that are changing their minds on that but we will not support them.

D: I will tell him you will support it.

K: I will firmly support it.

D: I mentioned this to him yesterday.

K: Also tell him I made this clear to the Germans yesterday.2

D: I will say on behalf of NATO. …

K: I think we can hold that together. I think the Dutch or one or two others will object but we will not go along with it. I am quite confident that we can hold this.

D: This is one question he was asking me urgently to give him a reply.

K: Right.

D: If you could see me today about our meeting.

K: It may be better on Monday.3

D: O.K. with me.

K: We will do it on Monday.

  1. Source: Ford Library, National Security Adviser, Kissinger and Scowcroft West Wing Office Files, Box 3, Dobrynin/Kissinger Telcons (3). No classification marking.
  2. No record of this June 17 meeting has been found. For Genscher’s meetings with Kissinger on June 16, see Documents 305 and 306.
  3. June 23.