73. Minutes of the Secretary of State’s Staff Meeting1

[Omitted here is discussion unrelated to energy.]

Mr. Robinson: You know, we ran into a snag on the producer-consumer conference with Yamani. I’ll go ahead with it.

Secretary Kissinger: Yes, but we are not sucking around him. For anyone who doesn’t want a conference there’s not going to be a conference, and you’re not taking a trip out there; and the French are not going to mediate this.

We’ve stated our position. We’ve spent a month negotiating it. Anyone wanting to jump off now—they’ll have to hold a conference without the United States.

Mr. Robinson: I’ll proceed on that basis.

Secretary Kissinger: In fact, I better call Sauvagnargues today.

Mr. Robinson: “You’re going to be in touch with us.” It might be helpful.

Secretary Kissinger: Their position or our position? If they don’t want to send out a letter of invitation, fine; we don’t need the conference.

Mr. Robinson: Well, that’s the position I took. We don’t want a conference on this basis. There’s been something that went on between the Saudis and France in this negotiation this last week that is behind this.

Secretary Kissinger: The French want to have something to mediate. (Laughter.)

Mr. Robinson: They’ve asked me to mediate this one.

Secretary Kissinger: What?

Mr. Robinson: They asked me to mediate this one. They asked me to get it cleared up.

Secretary Kissinger: I just think it’s undignified to ask someone from the United States to send someone out on such a technical point. I’d be glad to write to Yamani if that adds to it.

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Mr. Robinson: It might help. Why don’t I reword the cable2 and put it on that basis?

Secretary Kissinger: Why I clear cables in the evening if they don’t go out anyway is not clear to me.

Mr. Adams: No. I gave it immediately to S/S.

Mr. Robinson: I want to clear the wording with NEA before it goes out.

[Omitted here is discussion unrelated to energy.]

  1. Source: National Archives, RG 59, Transcripts of Secretary of State Kissinger’s Staff Meetings, Lot 78D443, Box 3, Secretary’s Staff Meetings. Secret. Kissinger presided over the meeting, which was attended by all the principal officers of the Department or their designated alternates. A table of contents and list of attendees are not printed.
  2. Robinson sent a message to Yamani that day, writing: “I have just learned from Froment-Meurice of the French Government that you have indicated unwillingness to resume the producer-consumer dialogue unless there is agreement to form a full commission dealing with monetary and financial affairs.” Robinson concluded: “We have conceded to the wishes of the developing nations on other key matters and I now ask for your cooperation on this one remaining issue.” (Telegram 175796 to Jidda, July 25; ibid., Central Foreign Policy Files, P850059–1688) On July 31, Akins reported that he had presented Robinson’s letter to Yamani, who continued to “insist on creation of a fourth committee on monetary and financial matters as precondition to reconvening of prepcon.” (Telegram 5371 from Jidda; ibid., P850126–2379)