129. Editorial Note

The International Energy Agency held a Ministerial meeting in Paris October 5–6, 1977, which Secretary of Energy James Schlesinger and Under Secretary of State for Economic Affairs Richard Cooper at [Page 439] tended. At the meeting, the Ministers expressed “deep concern” over medium-term energy supply/demand prospects and the implications for the overall economic, social, and political objectives of their countries. They also “unanimously voiced” their determination to seek national and cooperative measures to reduce dependence on imported oil and assure adequate energy supplies for future economic development. As a result, they adopted: 1) a “reduced dependence package” with a group import target of no more than 26 million barrels of oil per day; 2) twelve principles for energy policy; and 3) strengthened review procedures designed to monitor progress toward the group target. Finally, the Ministers signed seven new cooperative research and development agreements within the IEA framework. (Telegram 29526 from Paris, October 7; National Archives, RG 59, Central Foreign Policy Files, D770366–1121)

During the meeting, Schlesinger delivered an address in which he recognized the “major role” that the United States would have to play in the common effort of IEA members to reduce dependence on imported oil. He also emphasized the Carter administration’s determination to adopt measures that would limit imports to a previously stated goal of 5.8 million barrels per day by 1985. The administration received “strong support” for its energy plan, accomplishing one of the objectives it had established for the meeting, but the other countries represented expressed “deep concern for its fate in Congress.” (Ibid.) The statement that the United States submitted for the record at the meeting is in telegram 237279 to Paris, October 1. (National Archives, RG 59, Central Foreign Policy Files, D770359–0493) A copy of Schlesinger’s speech is in the Carter Library, Staff Office Files, Council of Economic Advisers File, Box 25, Energy (2). The text of the communiqué is printed in Scott, The History of the International Energy Agency, volume III, pages 353–357. The Ministerial Decision on Group Objectives and Principles for Energy Policy is ibid., pages 59–80.