32. Editorial Note

Following the November 8, 1969, meeting of the Cabinet Level Task Force on Oil Import Control to discuss X–2 (see Document 15), changes and revisions to the Task Force’s report were done by changes to specific numbered paragraphs. Therefore, there are no drafts beyond X–2 until an “eyes only” copy of the report, as sent to the printer, was distributed to the Task Force members on December 29. Further changes were anticipated after the printed proofs returned in mid-January.

The final report, entitled “The Oil Import Question: A Report on the Relationship of Oil Imports to the National Security,” January 1970, was organized as follows: Part I, Purpose of the Review and Description of the President’s Oil Import Program; Part II, The Relationship of Oil Imports to the National Security (which contained sections entitled Introduction, Cost of Import Restrictions, Risks to Security, Prospective Oil Market in 1975 and 1980, Coping With a Supply Interruption, Test Cases, and the Planning Horizon); Part III, Control Mechanisms; and Part IV, Summary, Conclusions, and Recommendations. These were followed by 21 tables, 12 appendices, and dissenting views. (Memoranda from Shultz to Task Force Principals, December 29, and Shultz to Nixon, January 1; National Archives, RG 174, Records of Secretary of Labor George P. Shultz, 1969–1970, Subject Files, Box 63, Cabinet Committee on Oil Imports) The published report was released to the public on February 20, 1970. See Document 43.

An analytical summary of the Task Force’s conclusions is Document 33. The dissenting views are printed as Document 34. No executive summary was prepared. The final report reflected the conclusions noted in Document 15.