23. Message From President Nixon to British Prime Minister Heath1

Dear Mr. Prime Minister:

I appreciated your prompt reply to my message and was glad to have so full an account of your thinking about the currency crisis.2

The spirit in which you are approaching this problem closely corresponds to my own. I believe as you do that it should be possible to arrive at arrangements which, while advancing the goal of European integration, fully take account of broader world interests, including our own. Certainly, this should apply to such arrangements as may be necessary to develop a joint Community float, should that be your preferred choice.

We shall all have to bear in mind that as decisions are made in the present crisis, we will be helping to determine the shape of a new monetary system and the prospects for moving ahead rapidly towards rebuilding a fully agreed institutional framework. I fully share your desire that any solution arrived at should reduce the risk of further crises.

Secretary Shultz will remain available for consultations with Mr. Barber.

With best wishes.

Richard Nixon
  1. Source: National Archives, Nixon Presidential Materials, NSC Files, Kissinger Office Files, Box 53, Country Files, Europe, Monetary Crisis, March 1973. Top Secret; Critic. Sent in telegram PRUS 002.
  2. Documents 22 and 19, respectively.