205. Editorial Note

In telegram 379 from the Mission in Geneva, January 22, 1974, the Mission reported that “Meeting of MTN key delegations (Seven and Seven) made concrete progress in resolving TNC impasse. General consensus attained during January 21 meeting TNC should meet on February 7 to approve work program and schedule for next stage of MTN beginning with February 18 meeting of tropical products subgroup followed by meetings on agriculture, NTB and tariffs at one week intervals thereafter. Group found proposed EC unilateral explanatory statement on agriculture balanced and generally acceptable. Work program generally acceptable, but some countries proposed relatively minor changes. All agreed on overriding importance of proceeding with work on TNC and that any proposed changes should not rpt not be permitted to cause delay.” (National Archives, RG 59, Central Foreign Policy Files) On February 8, in telegram 815 from the Mission in Geneva, the Mission reported that “TNC adopted work program for preliminary phase of MTN, established working groups, agreed on schedule for first meetings of working groups and determined that GATT Secretariat would provide temporary chairman for working groups.” (Ibid.)