231. National Security Study Memorandum 2271


  • The Secretary of Defense
  • The Deputy Secretary of State
  • The Director of Central Intelligence


  • U.S. Security Policy Toward Turkey

The President has directed that a comprehensive review of U.S. security policy toward Turkey be undertaken on a priority basis. The study should identify U.S. interests, including those interests as they relate to NATO, and offer recommendations for U.S. policy aimed at their protection, particularly in the context of bilateral negotiations that may be requested by Turkey on the status of U.S. installations in that country. The study should take into account such factors as:

  • —The nature of the U.S. military presence in Turkey, and its relationship to specific U.S. security interests;
  • —The relative priority of U.S. bases and facilities in terms of their contribution to U.S. and NATO security;
  • —Turkish objectives regarding the U.S. presence in the country and specific US-Turkish bilateral agreements;
  • —The presence of nuclear weapons in Turkey;
  • —Turkey’s needs for economic and military assistance and possible U.S. initiatives to satisfy those needs;
  • —The impact of restoration of U.S. military aid to Turkey and a resolution of the Cyprus crisis on U.S.-Turkish relations;
  • —The impact of U.S.-Turkish bases and facilities negotiations on overall Turkish-NATO defense arrangements.

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The President has directed that the study be undertaken by an NSC interagency group comprising representatives of the addressees of this memorandum and a representative of the NSC staff and under the chairmanship of the Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs. The study should be forwarded no later than August 1, 1975 for consideration.

Brent Scowcroft 2
  1. Source: Library of Congress, Manuscript Division, Kissinger Papers, Box 316, National Security Council, NSSM. Secret. Copies were sent to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Director of the National Security Agency.
  2. Scowcroft signed for Kissinger above Kissinger’s typed name.