151. Telegram From the Embassy in Cyprus to the Department of State1

3066. Subj: CleridesDenktash Private Meeting, Sept 11. Re: Nicosia 3052.2

Sensitive UNFICYP source (existence of which must be fully protected) has given us in strictest confidence advance read-out on private DenktashClerides meeting which followed Sept 11 “humanitarian talks” (reftel). Dept requested give this information fullest Nodis/Noforn protection, preferably with no lateral dissemination.
Source said both Clerides and Denktash sense imperative need to move ASAP toward political agreement. At Clerides’ suggestion, they agreed to bring maps with proposed demarcation lines to Sept 13 meeting, in effort agree on extent of Turkish zone, or possibly of cantons. They will also review powers of future federal GOCyprus over Turkish areas.
Source said both men continue to talk as Cypriots interested primarily in welfare of whole island. They spoke in terms of allowing some minorities to remain in/return to emergent zones. Denktash strongly hinted that demarcation line would (1) run north of Morphou, thus giving back large part of valuable plantation area to Greek Cypriots, and (2) allow Greeks return to new Famagusta. Clerides implied willingness allow Turk Cypriots move north freely to enclave, once this happens. Denktash further suggested Turk Army not on island to stay. Throughout, he showed great sensitivity for Clerides’ delicate position vis-à-vis Greek/Greek Cypriot elements.
According source, both men acknowledged mutual interest in keeping Makarios off island. They agreed that their efforts to find Cyprus solution would suffer greatly if Makarios returned to island politicking, or made foray to UNGA. (Source said that discussion had addressed latter contingency as probable, not definite.)
Comment: If accurate (and source generally impeccable), above account suggests that Nicosia talks are moving quickly into key substantive issues. End comment.
From UNFICYP agenda for Sept 13 meeting, it looks as if “humanitarian talks” continue gather momentum. Meeting will consider: educational facilities for both communities; ICRC’s general plan for release prisoners/detainees; special case of over-50 group (which raises prospect of large northward trek by Turk Cypriots if family heads allowed to go there); family reunification; agricultural matters (such as feeding of abandoned livestock); date for implementing points agreed Sept 11 (reftel), and use of Nicosia airport for relief operations purposes.
  1. Source: Ford Library, National Security Adviser, Presidential Country Files for Middle East and South Asia, 1974–1977, Box 3, Cyprus to Secretary of State, Nodis 2. Secret; Immediate;Nodis; Noforn.
  2. In telegram 3052 from Nicosia, September 12, the Embassy reported on the CleridesDenktash “humanitarian talks” of September 11 that concentrated on prisoner/detainee releases by both sides. (National Archives, RG 59, Central Foreign Policy Files, 1974)