161. Memorandum From the Country Director for Thailand and Burma (Bergesen) to the Staff Assistant to the Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs (Westmore)1


  • Developments in U.S. Relationships with Thailand (and Burma)

Additional Assistance to Thailand (AAT)

On March 13 and 14 our Mission in Bangkok completed an exchange of letters with the Thai on the military elements of the Additional Assistance to Thailand agreement. General Evans, (COMUS-MACTHAI), and Air Chief Marshal Dawee were the signatories. A PL 480 agreement was signed with the Thai on March 17 as part of the AAT package. It provides for $14 million in tobacco and wheat during CY 1972–73. Negotiations continue on a supplement to provide an additional $16 million in cotton. The Thai asked that the agreement be split in this fashion to give them additional time to bring their cotton producers and textile manufacturers into the picture.

Thai Textile Agreement Concluded

On March 16 we signed a five-year cotton textile bilateral agreement with Thailand permitting an aggregate annual level of exports to the U.S. of 15 million square yards. Shortly thereafter the embargoed Thai nightwear was released without being charged to the new Thai quota. All involved were pleased and relieved.

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Residual Thai Forces

On February 4, the last major Thai combat forces were withdrawn from the RVN. By the end of April the Thai intend to pull out the remaining few men (some headquarters and LST personnel) of the RTAFV. A contingent of about 35 men will be sent as members of the Royal Thai Armed Forces Representation—Vietnam (RTAFRV). We are arranging to provide some minimal support for this Thai representational group for one year only (FY 73).

[Omitted here is discussion of Burma.]

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