145. Memorandum From Robert Hormats of the National Security Council Staff to the President’s Deputy Assistant for National Security Affairs (Haig)1


  • Progress on Thai Cotton Textiles

As you will recall, Dick Kennedy indicated several weeks ago that we had put the pressure on the bureaucracy to resolve the Thai textile issue without going to the President. Happily, the bureaucracy came up with a compromise solution which was acceptable to the Thai. Accordingly, we are releasing from embargo 18,000 dozen pairs of cotton pajamas, and the Thai are sending a representative to Washington to negotiate a bilateral textile agreement. Once that agreement is reached, we will release from embargo additional 50,000 dozen pairs of pajamas, which will be charged against Thailand’s negotiated quota next year.

I shall continue to follow this.

  1. Source: National Archives, Nixon Presidential Materials, NSC Files, Box 564, Country Files, Far East, Thailand, Vol. VII. No classification marking. Sent for action. Drafted and initialed by Hormats, with the concurrence of Colonel Richard Kennedy. A notation on the memorandum by Haig reads: “Great job by all around. AH” At the bottom of the page another notation in Kennedy’s handwriting reads: “Al: The above added to encouraging news on the AAT suggests we may have pulled it off. Hopefully we’ll have the AAT wrapped up very shortly—the Thai have agreed to everything—only a few minor technical problems remain and are being worked out now. Embassy has already drafted a proposed exchange of notes concluding the agreement. RTK”