50. National Security Decision Memorandum 191
Council for International Economic Policy Decision Memorandum 131


  • The Secretary of Commerce


  • Commercial and Related Negotiations with the USSR


  • NSDM 181/CIEPDM 10, July 20, 19722

The pending negotiations with the Soviet Government on various commercial and related issues should be completed at the earliest feasible date.

US positions on the substantive issues involved will be based on the Decision Memorandum under reference and on developments in the negotiations since that Memorandum was issued.

The negotiations of a Maritime Agreement with the USSR should be completed at the earliest feasible date proceeding from the status of the negotiations at the time of your visit to the Soviet Union and developments since that time.

A separate Decision Memorandum will be issued concerning the negotiations of a Lend-Lease settlement.3

Richard Nixon
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