129. Editorial Note

The Soviet Union and the United States signed 11 agreements during the Washington Summit between June 19 and June 23, 1973. On June 19, the Agreement on Cooperation in Agriculture was signed by Secretary of Agriculture Earl Butz and Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei Gromyko. It specified certain cooperative projects in research and technology designed to raise agricultural production, especially food. Projects were to be overseen by the U.S.–USSR Joint Committee on Agricultural Cooperation. For the full text of the agreement, see Department of State Bulletin, July 23, 1973, pages 161–162. The Agreement on Cooperation in Studies of the World Ocean, the Agreement on Cooperation in Transportation, and the General Agreement on Contacts, Ex[Page 524]changes and Cooperation were also signed on June 19. For the full texts of those agreements, see ibid., pages 163–169.

On June 20, the Convention on Matters of Taxation was signed by Secretary of the Treasury George P. Shultz and Soviet Minister of Foreign Trade Nikolay Semenovich Patolichev. The agreement was intended to avoid double taxation on income and to prevent, where possible, citizens of one country being taxed by the other. For the full text of the agreement (27 UST 1; TIAS 8225), see ibid., pages 169–173.

On June 21, the Basic Principles of Negotiation on Strategic Arms Limitation were signed by President Nixon and General Secretary Brezhnev. The Basic Principles reiterated the arms reductions that both countries committed themselves to in the May 1972 agreements and asserted that active negotiations toward a permanent agreement would continue, with the hope of concluding such an agreement in 1974. For the full text of the Basic Principles (24 UST 1472; TIAS 7653), see ibid., page 158. The Agreement on Scientific Cooperation in Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy was also signed on June 21. For the full text, see ibid., pages 159–160.

On June 22, the Agreement on the Prevention of Nuclear War (see Document 122) was signed by Nixon and Brezhnev. On that same day, the Protocol on the U.S.–U.S.S.R. Chamber of Commerce (24 UST 1498; TIAS 7656) and the Protocol on Commercial Facilities (24 UST 1501; TIAS 7657) were also signed. On June 23, the Protocol on Expansion of Air Services was signed. For the full texts, see Department of State Bulletin, July 23, 1973, pages 173–175. The New York Times also printed the texts of some of the agreements in its editions of June 20–24, 1973.