185. Memorandum From Rear Admiral Robert Welander to the Presidentʼs Deputy Assistant for National Security Affairs (Haig)1


  • Pakistan/India Contingency Planning

Prior to the 12 November WSAG meeting on the Pakistan–India Situation, HAK was advised that General Ryan,2 the Acting Chairman, might bring up a CINCPAC proposal to ready a WESTPAC attack carrier task group for Indian Ocean operations to dissuade “third party” involvement.

The matter was not broached during the WSAG meeting. The JCS considered the matter Saturday3 morning and have advised CINCPAC in the attached4 that his concept is approved for planning purposes only and, should the situation deteriorate, that he may place a carrier task group on 48 hours readiness for such deployment.

  1. Source: National Archives, Nixon Presidential Materials, NSC Files, Box 570, Indo-Pak War, South Asia, Oct 25–Nov 22, 1971. Secret; Eyes Only. Sent for information. Rear Admiral Robert O. Welander was assigned to the Chairmanʼs Staff Group in the Office of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The memorandum was written on National Security Council letterhead, which suggests that he was detailed to the NSC as a staff member.
  2. General John D. Ryan, Chief of Staff, U.S. Air Force.
  3. November 13.
  4. JCS telegram 7115 to CINCPAC, November 13, was attached but not printed.