281. Telegram From the Mission to the United Nations to the Department of State 1

3825. Subj: Chirep—Co-sponsors Meeting. Ref: State 179395.2

USUN chaired meeting IQ co-sponsors Oct. 28 to review voting estimates and general tactics for Chirep debate still tentatively scheduled open in plenary Nov. 3. Following co-sponsors attended: Australia, Costa Rica, Japan, Lesotho, Madagascar, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Paraguay, and Philippines. (Brazil, Gabon, Thailand and Togo not represented.)
Consensus was that debate and outcome Important Question and Albanian reses would be similar to last year. There no sign here that study committee or other third proposal will be introduced.
Group reviewed soft spots in estimates and divided up task of follow-up approaches with UNDels as follows: Costa Rican and Paraguayan Reps will seek confirmation position of Colombia, Bolivia, Guyana and Jamaica; Madagascar to check Libya, Kenya and Nigeria; GRC to check Jordan and Saudi Arabia; Japan with Ghana and Turkey; New Zealand with Maldives; US with Ghana and Iran. Costa Rican Rep (Dobles Sanchez) said Guatemalan Amb told him Guatemala position same as last year. It was decided approaches should not be made here on Chile, Senegal or Belgium pending outcome approaches currently being made in capitals.
Group agreed number of friendly speakers should be keyed to number opposing. Following co-sponsors gave firm commitment to speak: Australia, China, Japan, Madagascar, New Zealand, Philippines, and US. It was agreed that order of speakers and additional speakers would be arranged through informal consultation as situation develops.
Bautista (Secretariat) confirms Chirep debate will begin in plenary Monday, November 3.
  1. Source: National Archives, RG 59, Central Files 1967–69, UN 6 CHICOM Limited Official Use. Repeated to Taipei, Santiago, Brussels, and Dakar.
  2. Document 280.