99. Letter From the Under Secretary of State for Security Assistance (Tarr) to the President’s Assistant for National Security Affairs (Kissinger)1

Dear Dr. Kissinger,

Attached are the country allocations of funds under PL 92-571 for the several components of the Security Assistance Programs, which I have approved following interagency discussions.2

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In arriving at these allocations, the following major considerations were taken into account: (a) Presidential commitments and assurances, including those for Indonesia, Jordan and Turkey; (b) combat and economic requirements such as those that exist in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia; (c) Congressional intentions, specifically those covering Israel and the Philippines; (d) force modernization plans of our allies which we have undertaken to support, such as the Republic of Korea; and (e) financing, as an emergency measure, the costs involved in providing on an urgent basis certain equipment and services to strengthen the armed forces of the GVN.

On the last point, I have set up a special fund allocation in MAP to meet certain costs we foresee for Vietnam transfers (Tab A).3 I expect that further requirements for equipment and services will develop that will have to be satisfied on an urgent basis. As a temporary financing measure, we plan to use MAP funds for these purposes. We will have to consider in the very near future the ultimate means of financing these “ceasefire” requirements and to effect reimbursement to MAP.

The attached country allocations should enable us to meet minimal grant military assistance requirements and essential needs for supporting assistance. As you are aware, new FY 1973 programs, such as Malta and Thailand which were previously funded from other appropriations, are now being funded from security assistance funds. While the funding I have approved for FY 1973 is to permit orderly programming, I have asked DOD and AID to assure that actual expenditures are made on a quarterly basis in accordance with OMB instructions. Finally, because of the fluid situation in Southeast Asia and other uncertainties which could have a bearing on Security Assistance Programs, I plan to keep the country allocations under continuing review and will advise you should any significant changes be made.

I am sending a letter and the attachments reflecting the foregoing to Mr. Weinberger for his attention and to the appropriate agencies for action.4


Curtis W. Tarr
  1. Source: National Archives, Nixon Presidential Materials, NSC Files, Subject Files, Box 324, Foreign Aid, Volume II 1972. Secret; Exdis. Attached to Document 104. The position of Under Secretary of State for Security Assistance was authorized in the Foreign Assistance Act of 1971 that President Nixon signed on February 7, 1972. Curtis Tarr, the first to encumber the position, entered on duty on May 2, 1972.
  2. Nine pages of tables giving actual levels for FY 1972, proposed levels in the FY 1973 Congressional Presentation, and Tarr’s proposals under the continuing resolution are not printed. Two pages of text summarizing by country anticipated difficulties under the funding limits are also not printed.
  3. Not printed.
  4. None of these letters has been found.