272. Editorial Note

On March 27, 1972, Peter Flanigan, in his capacity as Executive Director of the Council on International Economic Policy, sent a memorandum to the members of the Council informing them that the President had requested that preparatory work for the coming trade negotiations be undertaken, with specific responsibilities assigned to interested agencies. The Special Trade Representative would have overall responsibility for coordinating and reporting to the CIEP on inter-agency activities related to trade negotiations in both the preparatory and negotiating phases, as well as ensuring that the CIEP’s guidance was implemented. Flanigan attached a seven-page paper, “Preparation for 1973 Negotiations,” setting out assignments. Among the tasks assigned were data preparation on trade flows by country and “economic” sector as well as by BTN (Brussels Tariff Nomenclature) and TSUS (Tariff Schedule of the United States) basis, tariff averages, GATT bindings and non-tariff barriers (NTBs); providing for computer requirements; dealing with EC enlargement; setting export and import priorities; and intelligence collection. (Washington National Records Center, Department of the Treasury, Files of Under Secretary Volcker: FRC 56 79 A 15, CIEP Study Memoranda)

Work on some issues was already underway, pursuant to several Council on International Economic Policy Study Memoranda in 1971. Aside from CIEPSM No. 8 regarding tariff preferences (Document 257), a number of additional Study Memoranda had been issued in October: Adjustment Assistance (CIEPSM No. 9, October 7); Contingency Plan for Possible 1971 (and 1972) Trade and Investment Legislation (CIEPSM No. 10, October 10); U.S. Policies Toward International Agricultural Trade (CIEPSM No. 12, October 12); U.S. Export Expansion (CIEPSM No. 13, October 13); and GATT (CIEPSM No. 15, October 18). (All in National Archives, RG 59, S/S Files: Lot 82 D 126, CIEP Study Memoranda) The last (No. 15) was to examine the role and effectiveness of GATT as an institution.

Two of these items were on the table for the January 3 CIEP meeting: preferences and adjustment assistance; see Document 264. Preferences were also taken up at a January 7 CIEP Review Group meeting; see Document 265. Adjustment assistance was slated for a January 12 Review Group meeting, based on a paper provided by Under Secretary of Labor Silberman. (Washington National Records Center, Department of the Treasury, Files of Under Secretary Volcker: FRC 56 79 A 15, CIEP Meetings)