251. Editorial Note

The U.S. Tariff Commission issued a statement on January 15, 1971, concerning its report to the President on the results of its investigation of the effects of imports of non-rubber footwear on the domestic industry producing similar products. The vote of the Commission was divided (one Commissioner did not participate in the investigation), with two Commissioners finding that the increased quantities of imports as a result of the concessions granted under trade agreements threatened to cause serious injury to domestic industries. Two Commissioners found in the negative. According to the Tariff Commission statement, under the law, the President could consider the findings of either group of Commissioners as the findings of the Commission. (National Archives, RG 364, Office of the Special Representative for Trade Negotiations: Lot 71 B 1, Nonrubber Footwear—Options Papers, Office of the Secretary Press Release)

For Carl Gilbert’s recommendation to the President, see Document 252.