13. Telegram From the Department of State to the Embassy in the Republic of China1

727. Taipei’s 753 Dept; rptd Paris 55, Tokyo 223, Hong Kong 272, US UN 23.2 Dept. shares your disappointment with manner GRC handled severance relations with France, and agrees that maximum advantage of tactical maneuver was lost through GRC failure put onus for break clearly on French.

On other hand, press here has learned of French action which led to GRC announcement of break. As result, over past two days editorials and news analyses have presented facts fairly accurately.

Under circumstances, Dept. feels that little to be gained by raising issue directly with President Chiang at this time. However, you might consider bringing to GRC’s attention informally and at lower level our concern over lack of adequate consultation as described reftel and consequent adverse effect on ability U.S. provide maximum support in maintenance GRC international position.

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, POL 17 CHINAT-FR. Secret; Limdis. Drafted by Popple, cleared by Bacon and in the Bureau of Public Affairs, and approved by Green. Repeated to Hong Kong, Paris, Tokyo, and US UN.
  2. Telegram 753 from Taipei, February 12, recommended that Wright be authorized to express to President Chiang the U.S. disappointment that the GRC announcement of February 10 failed to place the onus on the French for the break in diplomatic relations. (Ibid.)