363. Telegram From the Department of State to the Embassy in Jordan 1

292142. Ref: Amman 7684.2

Please deliver the following message to King Hussein from the President: “Your Majesty: I appreciate the frank exposition of your concerns and problems regarding the general area situation and that of Jordan in particular as contained in your letter of November 30.3 I believe it is indicative of close and friendly US-Jordanian ties and of your personal confidence in me that you feel free to express your views in such a direct manner.
In the past difficult eighteen months we have played an active role in support of Ambassador Jarring’s efforts to bring a just peace in the framework of the Security Council Resolution of November 22, 1967. I feel certain that the new administration will give priority attention to attainment of peace in the Near East.
Since this will most probably be our last exchange of correspondence before I relinquish office as President, I reaffirm my great admiration for your wise leadership, gallantry and courage which have been so severely tried over the past months. I wish you success in your determination to bring peace, justice and prosperity to your people. Your constructive goals have my support and that of my country, and I feel confident that my successor will view your praiseworthy aspirations in a similar light. With warmest personal regards, Lyndon B. Johnson.”
  1. Source: National Archives and Records Administration, RG 59, Central Files 1967-69, POL 27 ARAB-ISR. Secret; Exdis. Drafted by Paganelli and Davies, cleared by Hart, Seelye, Atherton, Sisco, and Walt Rostow; and approved by Katzenbach.
  2. See footnote 4, Document 338.
  3. See Document 341.