357. Telegram From the Department of State to the Embassy in Jordan 1

291067. Subject: Military Supply Program for Jordan. Ref: Amman 7941.2

We have reviewed Country Team’s timely and well-reasoned recommendations for US military supply relationships with Jordan over the next few years.
FMS Credit: FMS credit approved in principle for Jordan in FY 69 but exact figure will depend on worldwide and regional priorities as matched against total credit available. We note your recommendation for $14 million in FY 69 and $15-$20 million in FY 70. At moment we are using $14 million as a planning figure for FY 69 and for contingency use in FY 70. Technical requirements for release of FY 69 FMS credit for all countries not yet complete. In addition, credit amount for Jordan cannot be fixed until intra-USG discussion of country allocations, now underway, is finalized. You authorized inform GOJ that we have approved FMS credit for Jordan in principle for FY 69 but that exact amount as yet undetermined pending completion evaluation of worldwide priorities. You may state we hope to have clearer picture over coming weeks.
Grant Aid: Grant aid under MAP for FY 69 and 70 will be limited to CONUS training. After extending discussions at the highest levels of the Dept and DOD it has been decided that a materiel increment for FY 69 and FY 70 cannot be supported. Embassy views were given full consideration. Decision made in context future status of MAP programs on worldwide basis taking into consideration present programs, future availability of funds, Congressional attitudes, etc. Khammash may be informed of this at your discretion, possibly in context of your further arms supply discussions with him and after FMS credit picture clearer.
Internal Security: High priority assigned by CT to equipment for improvement and expansion of Jordan’s internal security forces appears reasonable based on limited information available. We will give [Page 712] serious consideration to possibility proposed FMS credit be applied to procurement such equipment. Suggest GOJ in consultation with Embassy formalize proposed program in some detail. Assume this will be related to SIG-requested Foreign Internal Defense Plan, which Embassy preparing.
Additional Major Items of Military Equipment: Anticipated GOJ requests for major items of military equipment (as reported in reftel) appear to be appropriate subject for annual review discussions specified in March 1968 Memorandum of Understanding.3 Embassy may consider suggesting this to Khammash in context of possible Khammash visit to Washington early next year, perhaps in March.
Agree generally with proposed plan outlined para 5 reftel.4 Believe following general guidelines appropriate: (a) Internal security program should have highest priority, followed by items required to maintain existing forces (spares, etc.), and only then major new modernization items for army; (b) spare parts, uniforms, ammunition and other maintenance-type items should be purchased for cash. We can agree to annual open-end sales case for spares and minor items which will permit, after annual approval, direct and expeditious requisitioning by U.S. Military Departments. (c) We continue adhere to earlier agreement to consider additional aircraft of same type at some time in future. We are not prepared to go beyond this before: (1) we are convinced GOJ actually desires to have first 18 aircraft in Jordan and operational and (2) they are so located.
  1. Source: National Archives and Records Administration, RG 59, Central Files 1967-69, DEF 12-5 JORDAN. Secret. Drafted by Murray (DOD/ISA) and Robert P. Pag-anelli (NEA/ARN); cleared by Hart in draft and by Sidney Sober, Murray, Seelye, and Lewis D. Junior (G/PM); and approved by Davies. Repeated to CINCSTRIKE and London.
  2. Telegram 7941 from Amman, December 16, presented the Country Team’s recommendations for a 3-year military supply program for Jordan. One of the recommendations was a proposed credit sales program of up to $15-20 million per year. (Ibid.)
  3. See footnote 3, Document 111.
  4. In paragraph 5 of telegram 7941, the Country Team proposed that the Embassy be authorized to inform the Jordanian Government that the United States was prepared to make available military sales credits for FY 1969. The Country Team proposed a breakdown for the program among the requirements of the army, the air force, and the public security program.