318. Telegram From the Mission to the United Nations to the Department of State 1

7729. Subject: Middle East.

Buffum called on Jarring Nov 11 and, in accordance with Sisco [Page 631] telecon, orally conveyed 7 points outlined by Secretary as describing our attitude toward Israeli settlement with UAR.2 Buffum informed Jarring we had conveyed these points both to Riad and to USSR.
Jarring thought it was of great importance that US had taken stand in favor of Israeli withdrawal from UAR territory and said further that other 6 points in our position should be acceptable to UAR although it would be difficult get their agreement to an international presence at Sharm el-Sheikh which could not be removed without consent of SC or GA. Jarring commented that in view of this forthcoming attitude by US, he was surprised and disappointed Riad had not been more forthcoming with him during past week.
Jarring reported having spoken several times over week-end with Eban. In these talks he pressed Israelis further for unqualified statement on acceptance of Res 242 and on withdrawal of Israeli forces. He said he thought Eban had softened a little bit, at least to extent of indicating willingness to take fresh look at problem.
At same time, Jarring was distressed by news report just recd from Jerusalem to effect Eshkol delivered policy statement today indicating Israeli intent to maintain forces not only at Sharm el-Sheikh but in Sinai. He thought this would have most adverse repercussions in Cairo and predicted UAR would be asking us how this squares with our attitude toward Israeli withdrawal.
Jarring has clearly not yet decided how to proceed in next phase of his mission. While disappointed at the lack of movement on substance, he is heartened that all parties continue to wish his services. This desire is very strong on part USSR, said Jarring, who had lengthy conversation this A.M. with Semenov. Jarring was satisfied Sov Union will make efforts with Arabs to try and move his mission forward.
Buffum said Russians are talking to us in same vein and pointed out that concerted efforts on our side with Israelis, if coupled with Sov pressure on Arabs, could combine to give new impetus to his efforts.
Jarring seems disposed to stay on in NY at least for a while until he sorts out results of most recent exchanges with Fon Mins here. He is assuming he will have to make another trip to their respective capitals but does not want to do so until he thinks there is a chance it will produce movement.
Buffum pressed Jarring again to consider taking initiative in putting questions to both sides together with indication of kind of answer he expects from them. He remains somewhat skeptical he can get kind of answers he wants but is still open-minded about pursuing this route. Buffum said we would wish to resume discussion of such possibility [Page 632] with him in detail in near future and Jarring said he would be pleased to do so.
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  2. See Document 301.