166. Telegram From the Department of State to the Embassy in Romania1

231372. Subject: Bogdan-Leddy Conversation.

In uninstructed call which, however, approved by Foreign Minister Manescu, Romanian Ambassador Bogdan inquired August 31 as to nature any new evidence on Soviet intentions which may have triggered Presidential statement August 30.2 Leddy replied that military-type evidence remained inconclusive but that, on basis potentially ominous request by Dobrynin for appointment with Secretary for August 31 morning and similar requests by Soviets in certain other capitals, Secretary had decided call in Dobrynin evening August 30.3 Our concern over possibility Soviets might intervene in Romania had led to last-minute inclusion of Eastern European portion of President’s speech.
Leddy briefly characterized Dobrynin oral statement defending Soviet action in Czechoslovakia and read aloud pertinent last paragraph giving first priority to defending socialism. (Deptel 231323)4
Leddy informed Bogdan of general theme of Dobrynin’s communication and partial substance Secretary’s remarks on Romania reported Deptel 231337.5 Main points mentioned by Leddy were: (a) Secretary said various reports received during past 24 hours had been disturbing. (b) Dobrynin replied he had no information. (c) Secretary said if Soviets contemplated invasion of Romania, we ask in name of humanity, that it not be done and that such action would have incalculable effects on world situation. (d) Secretary emphasized to Dobrynin none of reports re possible invasion to which we had referred had come from Romanians.
Bogdan appreciated info and said Manescu had planned depart Bucharest in order receive UK Foreign Secretary Stewart in Bucharest next week but had decided remain New York until situation clearer.
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