149. Telegram From the Embassy in Romania to the Department of State 1

590. Paris A–1859 to Department and Department CA–9208.2 Embassy finds Iacobescu’s comments most pertinent and believes he is[Page 405]on the level. Though possibly somewhat over-dramatized for effect, his statements closely reflect sentiments shared in official circles here. No question that there is very real concern within Rumanian Government how long it can continue get away with independent policies in face of possibly tightening Soviet pressures and that government is actively seeking extensive reassurance in West particularly through strengthening economic and other ties with US. Also clear this one of major reasons why Rumanians attach such importance to successful outcome current financial and industrial talks in US. As Rumanian officials have recently indicated to us, eyes not only of Rumanian Government but of entire Communist bloc are now directed toward our response in these matters to test whether we really mean business in applying policy of bridge-building and differentiated approaches in Eastern Europe. Moreover effectiveness of RPRs continuing independent policies will be judged in no small measure in terms of our reaction.

Iacobescu’s comments conform to recently established Rumanian pattern more candid discussions with Western delegations in major international organizations as well as growing effort strengthen relations with such organizations including some in which RPR not necessarily member state (i.e. IMF, IBRD, GATT, and EEC). In Embassy’s view attempts by Rumanians to continue develop own course demand thoughtful and positive response to such approaches by all US agencies along lines indicated Department’s CA–9208. Iacobescu would seem be contact well worth pursuing and same would apply to Valentin Lipatti, new Rumanian Permanent Representative to UNESCO.

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, POL 1 RUM. Confidential. Repeated to Paris.
  2. Airgram A–1859 from Paris was not found. Circular airgram CA–9208, March 12, is ibid., UNESCO 22–20 RUM.