147. Telegram From the Department of State to the Embassy in Romania 1

541. Following summary of Secretary’s conversation with FonMin Manescu is FYI and Noforn. It is subject to revision upon review.

While Foreign Minister Manescu in Washington at completion his tour US he accepted luncheon with Secretary January 4. Other Rumanians present were Deputy Foreign Minister Malita, Ambassador Balaceanu, Pungan and Embassy DCM Baschiru. Manescu expressed his [Page 402] pleasure and warm appreciation in connection with tour he had just made. Expressions of satisfaction were exchanged concerning development of bilateral relations during past year.

Secretary mentioned we appreciated speed with which Mr. Dej had received Ambassador Crawford for presentation of credentials after our request made; indicated our gratification at agreement on new series of exchange arrangements and at beginning of consular negotiations January 12; suggested prospect of some action in the trade field in coming months benefiting our bilateral economic relations; stressed possibilities of enlarging Rumania’s dollar income through development tourism.

Remainder of conversation devoted to world affairs, especially present crisis in UN over payment arrears and Article 19, and question of MLF and proliferation of nuclear weapons. Secretary presented US position on these issues emphasizing as to former strong US interest in and support of UN; our desire to save UN by avoiding both Soviet withdrawal and collapse of US public support UN because of inability to solve present payments problem; and our deliberate avoidance of prestige considerations in order to encourage solution of UN problem by a Soviet contribution however made. Manescu expressed some doubt solution would be reached by GA resumption January 18. He confirmed view Malita had already expressed to Tyler before the lunch, the Rumanians believed great power members less interested early solution than in utilizing present UN situation to avoid consideration of some of the more important problems.

Re MLF Manescu followed line its realization would lead to proliferation nuclear weapons and way to attack nuclear arms problem was for five present nuclear powers to meet and reach agreements prohibiting use of nuclear weapons and for Warsaw Pact countries and NATO conclude non-aggression pact. Secretary strongly affirmed our record and our continued intention of opposing any form of nuclear dissemination. He made point MLF would serve interest of EE by insuring against other European states acquiring national nuclear weapons capabilities in future. Since any nuclear arrangements in NATO or Atlantic alliance would be public, EE had assurance against such national nuclear weapons capabilities whereas West knew nothing about what arrangements for nuclear weapons in EE Soviets might have made with EE countries. US ready to discuss with Soviets any such NATO arrangements in relation to any such Warsaw Pact arrangements but Soviets had shown no willingness to do so. These points evoked no real substantive response from Manescu, who seemed unprepared for, or reluctant to engage in, debate.

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, POL 7 RUM. Confidential; Noforn. Drafted by Vedeler, cleared by Tyler, and approved by Davis.