235. Editorial Note

Prime Minister Wilson, Foreign Secretary Sir Patrick Gordon Walker, and Defense Minister Denis Healey visited Washington December 7-9, 1965, for talks with U.S. officials centering on the proposed Multilateral Force (MLF). Documentation relating to these discussions together with an editorial note outlining other subjects touched upon in their meetings is in Foreign Relations, 1964–1968, volume XIII, Documents 5962. A briefing paper on the international economic situation, prepared in the Department of the Treasury, is ibid., volume VIII, Document 19. A memorandum of conversation relating to British defense plans is printed as Document 236. A record of a meeting between the President and Prime Minister dealing with the British economic situation is printed as Document 237. For text of statements by the President and Prime Minister and the joint communiquéissued at the end of their talks, see American Foreign Policy: Current Documents, 1964, pages 615-616. The meetings are discussed in Wilson, The Labour Government, 1964-1970, pages 44-51.