198. Telegram From the Department of State to the Embassy in Spain 1

1414. Ref Madrid tel 1489 repeated info addressees.2

During series farewell calls Minister Counselor Spanish Embassy Aguirre de Carcer, speaking from instructions he states were drafted following April 14 visit to Washington by FonMin Castiella,3 has made following points in somewhat emphatic manner:
GOS attaches greatest significance to forthcoming Gibraltar negotiations with UK. Successful outcome these negotiations will have significant influence on Spanish attitudes re contribution to defense of Europe. Without satisfactory solution this problem Spain will be forced review its policy of defense cooperation with countries other than those having bilateral defense agreements with Spain (U.S., Portugal, France and Morocco). Countries not enjoying such arrangements especially UK, Benelux, Germany and Italy, will secure Spanish cooperation only through such defense arrangements as Spain freely agrees to enter. Minister said UK aware that without Spain’s acquiescence Gibraltar’s military usefulness limited. He hinted same was true of German base in Portugal now under construction. In short third parties should be interested in favorable outcome Gibraltar talks.
Spain will press her “candidacy for Europe” with renewed vigor. Spain’s vocation and avocation is Europe as glance at map will prove. When queried re desire for NATO membership he said Spain not specifically asking for such membership since it is granted by invitation only. Nonetheless Spain expects in near future to be fully taken into account in any organization for the collective defense of Europe whatever its form. Furthermore Spain is not prepared to wait forever for relationship with Common Market. Spain will expect its friends to push for favorable action on Spanish application to EEC. He noted approvingly public statements by Schroeder in this regard.
Above considerations will dominate Spanish negotiating posture for renewal defense agreement with US in 1968 as well as Spain’s [Page 395] relations with European nations. He was instructed put US on notice that extension defense agreement will have to result in expanding present bilateral agreement and would call for active role by US in integration of Spain into Europe.
Minister said in other words Spain is no longer content to be sitting at small table for two in same dining room with US and other European countries.
As Aguirre de Carcer speaking under instructions and is returning to Madrid where among other duties he will serve as head US Section Ministry Foreign Affairs from which position he will undoubtedly play important role in negotiations for extension defense agreement, Department considers above authoritative statement current objectives Spanish policy.
  1. Source: National Archives and Records Administration, RG 59, Central Files 1964-66, POL 17-5 SP-US. Confidential. Drafted by Ortiz, cleared in EUR and RPM, and approved by Stoessel. Repeated to all NATO capitals.
  2. Telegram 1489 from Madrid, April 29, reported on Spain’s position on EEC membership and on Gibraltar. (Ibid., POL 1 SP)
  3. The meetings were summarized in telegram 1316 to Madrid, April 15. (Ibid., SP 15 SP-US)