195. Telegram From the Embassy in Spain to the Department of State 1

1031. Dept pass DOD. Aircraft Accident. Joint Embassy-JUSMG Message. Ref Deptels 980 and 993; Embtels 1025 and 1019.2

Meeting this morning at High General Staff between Chief JUSMG and Gen Prado (Sagaz, FonOff, and Gen Montel also present) resulted in following oral agreements:
Claims. After first reiterating desirability of changing release clause of claim and receipt forms, Spanish (with Prado and Sagaz leading way) eventually agreed Feb 18 letter from Chief JUSMG (Embtel 1025) satisfied essential Spanish position. They decided prepare extract of letter and have it distributed by Spanish authorities to individual claimants to help overcome present reluctance of claimants to submit claims for processing.
Clean-up. Following discussion claims problem, Chief JUSMG referred to message just received from Gen Wilson at Palomares (see 16 AF AVON Spain Message to CSAF C-00281, Feb 19)3 to effect test (described Embtel 1019) had been conducted Feb 18-19 and Spanish [Page 393] JEN as well as USAF technicians agreed result was to bring readings down to less than “reasonable level.” Results of test accepted by Montel and others as successful and they agreed that clean-up operation proceed on basis envisaged Feb 17 agreement (subpara 3C, Embtel 1019),4 adding merely that every effort be made ship out “contaminated” soil (i.e., that with 60,000 CPM or above already removed and in temporary storage) ASAP.
In any written confirmation of new clean-up arrangement cautions mentioned para 3, Deptel 993, will be observed.
Have just learned Munoz Grandes personally has confirmed approval of agreements described paras 1A and B above.5
  1. Source: Department of State, Madrid Post Files: Lot 71 A 2420, Def 17. Secret; Priority. Drafted by Askew and cleared by JUSMG, Duke, and Walker. No time of transmission is on the telegram. Repeated to Paris for EUCOM and USAFE.
  2. In telegram 980 to Madrid, February 17, the Department of State outlined requirements for claims submissions. (National Archives and Records Administration, RG 59, Central Files 1964-66, PS-8-4 SP-US) In telegram 993, February 17, the Department outlined the U.S. position on procedures to be followed by the joint U.S.-Spanish radioactivity inspection team. (Ibid., HLTH 10 SP) Telegram 1025 from Madrid reported on the delivery of a letter incorporating U.S. assurances and explanations on claims procedures. (Department of State, Madrid Post Files: Lot 71 A 2420, Def 17) Telegram 1019, February 18, reported on discussions with Spanish officials regarding clean-up and disposal standards for the crash site. (Ibid.)
  3. Not found.
  4. It read: “Reading would then be taken; if reading is at a ‘reasonable’ level Spanish would agree this procedure be followed for entire affected area and would no longer press for removal of soil down to 7,000 CPM level.”
  5. In telegram 1054 from Madrid, February 25, the Embassy reported on a compromise agreement based on 60,000 counts as the limit for soil removal. (Department of State, Madrid Post Files: Lot 71 A 2420, Def 17)