48. Editorial Note

During 1964 the White House Office of Emergency Planning began to put together a long-range civil emergency preparedness program. The completed 73-page study, entitled “A Report to the President: Civil Emergency Preparedness; Program Status and a Five-Year Projection,” dated August 31, 1964, included an introductory section outlining the roles of the Office of Emergency Planning and of other departments and agencies, and the concepts underlying its proposed 5-year future program. The bulk of the report consisted of a statement of the 5-year objectives and status covering government in an emergency and the resources availability and their management. Also included was a summary treatment of civil defense. A copy of the report is in the National Archives and Records Administration, RG 59, Central Files 1964–66, DEF 1 US.

Attached to this copy of the report is a September 16 covering memorandum from Edward A. McDermott, Director of the Office of Emergency Planning, to the heads of 34 agencies and departments, which noted that President Johnson had approved the general outlines of the program contained in the report. McDermott promised to “work closely” with the agency and department heads “in translating this guidance into specific work programs and in developing the funding programs necessary to achieve the indicated levels of preparedness.”