45. Memorandum for the Record by Charles E. Johnson of the National Security Council Staff1


  • Satellite Reconnaissance

Mac told me this morning that he had had a good long talk with McCone on the above subject. McCone had told him that he planned to go “quite a long way” in briefing the top Europeans that should be filled in on our program. He will be in England in September and from there will go to the other countries involved. He will probably take Bud Wheelon with him to assist in the briefings.

Mac appeared satisfied with this arrangement and said that the timing was such that it might be helpful in case we had to make use of the information in some way during the next couple months.

Mac asked me to stay in touch with this matter and to pass the word that he would like to see the briefing materials before McCone leaves.

I called Bud Wheelon and told him of this talk and of Mac’s request that I stay in touch with him. He had not been filled in by the Director and expressed his appreciation for receiving the information. He picked up the ball right away and said that he would take the initiative in having the briefing materials prepared both on our program and the Soviet program. I was unable to reach Garthoff and Scoville, both of whom are on leave, and will try again on Monday.

Mac also suggested that I fill in Peter Jessup with the thought that he might put this on the agenda for a “303 meeting”.

  1. Source: Johnson Library, National Security File, Charles E. Johnson Files, Reconnaissance Satellites, Box 11. No classification marking. A copy was sent to Spurgeon Keeny.