177. Editorial Note

In early Spring 1967, the White House Office of Emergency Planning (OEP) completed a revised edition of its study, “Resource Mobilization Plan for Limited War.” Regarding the planning and drafting of this study in 1966, see Document 138. The 31–page revised study, dated April 1967, covered the means whereby the U.S. Government could effectively mobilize the central management of resources in emergency circumstances short of a nuclear attack. It included the basic measures, policy and legal documents, and the organization structure required in the event of an emergency requiring the mobilization of the nation’s resources during a limited war. Emergency action documents providing the basic authorities required for the mobilization of the nation’s economic resources were included in a classified Annex A of the plan. Annex B comprised resource sections developed by the federal agencies. A copy of the entire plan was distributed to the Department of Defense under cover of a May 1 letter from OEP Director Farris Bryant to Secretary of Defense McNamara. (Washington National Records Center, OSD Files: FRC 330 72 A 2468, 381 National Resources (S–2667) 1967)