119. Memorandum From the Joint Chiefs of Staff to Secretary of Defense McNamara1



  • Joint Strategic Objectives Plan for FY 1968–1975 (JSOP 68–75), Part VI, Analysis and Force Tabulations (U)
(U) The Joint Chiefs of Staff have approved and forward herewith Part VI, JSOP 68–75.2 Parts I–V, JSOP 68–75 were forwarded by JCSM–147–66, dated 7 March 1966.3
(U) Part VI, JSOP 68–75, contains the military advice of the Joint Chiefs of Staff relative to the force level objectives they recommend for the mid-range period. It includes an assessment of the current Department of Defense Five-Year Force Structure and Financial Program, and examines alternatives and risks. Phasing required to achieve their recommended force levels and weapon systems development programs for the period FY 1968–1975 is also included. Particular emphasis is placed on these issues which must be addressed in conjunction with the FY 1968 budget.
(S) JSOP 68–75 force objectives were assessed on the basis that requirements which exceed the capabilities of the recommended permanent active establishment would be met either by some combination of partial mobilization, full mobilization and extension of terms of service, or by temporary activation of additional forces. Since the decision to meet these requirements without the selective call-up of reserves appears to be a continuing one, certain temporary adjustments in the force recommendations may be required. These temporary active force adjustments for the nearer time frame, relating specifically to the reserve call-up alternative and keyed to operations in Southeast Asia, are reflected in the Force Tables or, as appropriate, by annotation. Further temporary adjustments may be required as a result of extended deployments and other operations relative to Southeast Asia.
(U) As indicated in JCSM–147–66, dated 7 March 1966, specific major decision issues which require resolution in the FY 1968–1975 force programs are set forth in Appendices A and B hereto.4
(U) The views of the Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff are contained in the separate memorandum attached herewith.5
(U) Without attachments, this memorandum is downgraded to Secret and removed from the Restricted Data category.
For the Joint Chiefs of Staff:
Earle G. Wheeler 6
Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff
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