Johnson Administration Volumes

Following is a list of the volumes in the Foreign Relations series for the administration of President Lyndon B. Johnson. The titles of individual volumes may change. The year of publication is in parentheses.

I Vietnam, 1964 (1992)
II Vietnam, January-June 1965 (1996)
III Vietnam, July-December 1965 (1996)
IV Vietnam, 1966 (1998)
V Vietnam, 1967 (2002)
VI Vietnam, January-August, 1968 (2002)
VII Vietnam, September 1968-January 1969 (2003)
VIII International Monetary and Trade Policy (1998)
IX International Development and Economic Defense Policy; Commodities (1997)
X National Security Policy (2002)
XI Arms Control and Disarmament (1997)
XII Western Europe (2001)
XIII Western Europe Region (1995)
XIV Soviet Union (2001)
XV Germany and Berlin (1999)
XVI Cyprus; Greece; Turkey (2002)
XVII Eastern Europe (1996)
XVIII Arab-Israeli Dispute, 1964-1967 (2000)
XIX Arab-Israeli Crisis and War, 1967
XX Arab-Israeli Dispute, 1967-1968 (2001)
XXI Near East Region; Arab Peninsula (2000)
XXII Iran (1999)
XXIV Africa (1999)
XXV South Asia (2000)
XXVI Indonesia; Malaysia-Singapore; Philippines (2001)
XXVII Mainland Southeast Asia; Regional Affairs (2000)
XXVIII Laos (1998)
XXIX Part 1, Korea (2000)
XXIX Part 2, Japan
XXX China (1998)
XXXI South and Central America, Mexico
XXXII Dominican Crisis; Cuba; Caribbean
XXXIII United Nations; Organization of Foreign Policy
XXXIV Scientific and Humanitarian Affairs (1999)