54. Memorandum From the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Management (Roberts) to the Executive Secretary of the Department of State (Brubeck)1


With regard to the Budget Bureau study of our organization for foreign economic affairs2

We have already acted affirmatively on some matters which the study recommends. For example—
  • —we have abolished the Office of Under Secretary for Economic Affairs, and have thus eliminated a basic premise on which some of the Budget Bureau’s recommendations were formulated.
  • —we have integrated in AID the bulk of E’s economic development functions.
  • —we have, in effect, transferred the Foreign Economic Advisory Staff to E. (The formal announcement will be made when Griffith Johnson has an opportunity to determine the reporting channel to him which he considers most useful.)
  • —we have arranged to include an economic option in future foreign service examinations.
Most of the other changes recommended for immediate adoption concern the internal organization of E. Griffith Johnson could not appropriately take actions along this line until he is sworn in. He must have time to familiarize himself with E before he can react usefully to the proposals. He has read the report and is considering it.
In addition, the study included certain recommendations “contingent upon other structural changes in the Department.” As the study itself indicates these cannot be acted on immediately. They involve organizational choices which can be made only when AID is more settled and the alternative concepts of what a regional bureau should be are fully explored.

  1. Source: National Archives and Records Administration, RG 59, Central Files 1960–63, 110.10/5–1062. No classification marking. Gladys P. Rogers (OM) is shown as the drafting officer on another copy of this memorandum. (Ibid., Management Staff Files: Lot 69 D 434, Miscellaneous Subject Files, 1960–1967, State Department Organization for Foreign Economic Affairs, 1962)
  2. See Document 51.