331. Telegram From the Embassy in Greece to the Department of State1

97. Reference: Department telegram 24.2

Assistant Secretary Flues of Treasury and Cusack arrived Athens July 13 for two-day visit. After meeting with Charge d’Affaires, Flues [Page 732] and Cusack, accompanied by Embassy officer and USOM public safety advisor, called on following: Deputy Interior Minister Kalantzis and staff; Director Customs Research and Investigation, Ministry Finance; Foreign Office Director General Palamas; Foreign Office Deputy Director Economic Affairs; and Bank of Greece Governor Zolotas (courtesy call).
Flues reviewed with Greek officials present and pending international narcotics controls, pointing out weaknesses “Single Convention” and advantages 1953 Narcotics Protocol. He suggested Greeks re-study their position and give serious thought to ratification 1953 Protocol, which would bring it into effect. This would provide reasonably satisfactory control system pending efforts US and others to modify and strengthen “Single Convention.”
Greek officials expressed appreciation for presentations by Flues and Cusack, some indicating they previously unaware implications of ratification 1953 Protocol. Palamas said GOG would undertake re-examination its position in light of points raised by Flues. Both Palamas and Foreign Office Deputy of Economic Affairs commented they not aware any technical objections to ratification 1953 Protocol, but Greece would have to take into account Turkish views this subject. Lalantzis showed lively interest in Flues’ remarks. Ministry Finance officials said concerned only with the technical aspects of control which would re-study. They asked Flues if competent US narcotics control officer could be detailed Greece for a few months to help reorganize narcotics contraband controls. Flues offered look into this and give answer.
Flues remarked on departing Greece that his discussions here very useful and that he intended follow up by forwarding memoranda on this subject for use by GOG officials in position re-study.
  1. Source: National Archives and Records Administration, RG 59, Central Files 1960–63, 341.9/7–1761. Official Use Only. Repeated to Ankara and Rome.
  2. Not printed. (Ibid., 341.9/7–1661)