82. Telegram From the Department of State to the Embassy in Afghanistan0

245. Ref: Kabul 432.1 Following is revised Text Note.

Begin Verbatim text:

“Embassy presents compliments and has honor refer to arrangements proposed by RGA for movement into Afghanistan of US aid goods presently in Pakistan.

“The Embassy notes that the RGA is prepared to make arrangements for the movement of US financed goods and desires to cooperate fully in this effort. The USG agrees to utilize its facilities to complete the movement of these goods. The Embassy would welcome the early designation by the RGA of a particular office or officer with whom all arrangements should be made.

“The USG is concerned that it may not be possible to complete the operation within eight weeks. Success depends, inter alia, on expeditious documentation procedures, the timely availability of trucks and drivers and the maximum practical extension of the operating hours at all transfer and documentation points. USG welcomes assurances which His Royal Highness, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, gave Ambassador Byroade with respect to these matters.

“As Ambassador Byroade has informed his Royal Highness, The Minister of Foreign Affairs, it is the intention of the United States to continue its assistance program in Afghanistan and the US is willing to utilize, as far as is practical and financially feasible, the transit route running through Iran. The US must, however, for reasons of cost and feasibility, regard this route as a temporary alternative to the traditional route through Pakistan. The US will continue to make available its good offices in the effort to achieve the goal of resumption of normal transit through Pakistan.” End Verbatim text. Complimentary close.

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 689.90D/12-3161. Secret; Niact. Drafted by Talbot, cleared in substance by Gaud in AID, and approved by Talbot. Also sent to Karachi and repeated to Tehran.
  2. In telegram 432 from Kabul, December 31, the Embassy transmitted a suggested draft reply to the December 30 note from the Afghan Government relating to the movement of AID goods stored in Pakistan. (Ibid.)