340. Memorandum for the Record0


  • Meeting with the President, in attendance Mr. Bundy, meeting lasted approximately 1-1/2 hours

[Here follows discussion unrelated to South Asia.]

6. The President then brought up the question of Pakistan and I reviewed briefly the intelligence community’s feeling of concern and their view that our Pakistan relationship was of the greatest importance. Bundy mentioned the forthcoming December meeting between Ayub and General Taylor. The President made no comment but seemed to feel that Taylor should remain in the United States because of serious Defense budget problems. Bundy reviewed the great number of commitments we have made to Pakistan and that we would come to their defense if India should use our arms to attack Pakistan. The President expressed the greatest of confidence in Ayub and a feeling that we had not been forceful enough with him, had not given him a feeling of confidence in our motives and that he had drifted into the thought that we would abandon him in favor of India. He stated that he wished this corrected in a most positive manner.

[Here follows discussion unrelated to South Asia.]

  1. Source: Central Intelligence Agency, Job 80 B 01285A, Box 6, McCone Files, DCI Meetings with President Johnson, 23 November-31 December 1963. Top Secret. Drafted by McCone on December 2.