387. Circular Telegram From the Department of State to Certain Missions0

1172. Following are highlights President’s meeting with Macmillan Bermuda December 21–22.1


Berlin was principal topic. In framework Paris discussions agreement reached Thompson should conduct initial probe with Gromyko primarily regarding Soviet intentions on access arrangements. Other principal aspects of Berlin problem (status of West Berlin including occupation regime, relations with FedRep, etc., and broader question of Germany including frontiers, reunification, etc.) would not be raised by Thompson.

Thompson’s instructions will be discussed with FedRep and should arrive in Moscow this week permitting him seek meeting around end of year. Was agreed probe must stop short of negotiations and for this reason should not be prolonged beyond very few meetings. If is thereupon decided that basis for negotiations exists in light our minimum conditions Foreign Ministers’ meeting will presumably follow. We will stay in close direct touch with countries directly concerned (UK, France and FRG) and with NATO allies through NAC.

Congo: UK reiterated concern at possible prolongation UN military involvement which they believe should be replaced soonest by purely civil affairs training role. We reiterated view Katanga must remain part of Congo, that there must be agreement between Tshombe and Adoula and that fundamental Congo unity must be preserved in framework permitting suitable local powers. We believe role of UN is to keep open path to conciliation and not to impose a political solution.

EEC: Discussion brief, being confined largely to Macmillan statement that agriculture constituted principal difficulty and that he could not predict final outcome of negotiations. Said even if all problems resolved the earliest that signature envisaged was one year hence.

Other topics briefly discussed without requiring substantive decisions or containing expressions of fact or opinion departing from standard positions were: Goa, West New Guinea, and Viet-Nam.

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 611.41 /12–2761. Confidential. Drafted by Knight; cleared with Bohlen, Tyler, and Fessenden; and approved by Tyler. Sent to missions in Latin America, Europe, and the Far East.
  2. Memoranda, background, and briefing papers for the meeting at Bermuda are ibid., Conference Files: Lot 65 D 366, CF 2208–2214. For Macmillan’s account of the meeting, see At the End of the Day, pp. 145–148; for text of the joint communiqué of the meeting, see American Foreign Policy: Current Documents, 1961, pp. 547–548.